Why Modular

why modular

The advantages of modular buildings when compared to traditional construction methods are numerous. Below are just a few of the benefits:


Shorter build time than traditional, as the manufacture of the modules is taking place at the same time as the foundations. Elimination of weather delays as 60-90% of the works are carried out inside our production facilities.


Modular is a great solution for difficult sites and can be easily expanded both vertically and horizontally. We can design our buildings to fit in with external aesthetics of any existing building.


Less waste and pollution therefore reduced carbon footprint. Modular buildings are almost completely recyclable. Materials are protected as they are kept dry in one of our production facilities and not left in the open outside.


Structurally, modular buildings are generally stronger than conventional construction as each module is engineered independently to withstand the rigors of transportation and craning onto foundations.


Our modular buildings are quality controlled at each stage of the manufacture process. In our production facilities we have stringent quality programs with independent inspections and testing protocols.


Minimum site disruption compared to traditional methods as the majority of the works are carried out in our production facility. Modular is especially good for schools and hospitals as there is minimal disruption to the day to day operations in the existing structures.


We can customise a modular building to suit most budgets and tailored around your design.

Health & Safety

Reduced risk of accidents on modular construction sites and overall improved safety when compared to traditional build projects.

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